Tulln is located in Lower Austria at the river Danube. It is about 40 km north-west of Vienna and can be reached from Vienna by car, taxi, or public transport within 20-40 minutes.

You can travel to the IWGS in Austria by car, train or plane.

The nearest airport to Tulln is Vienna International Airport (VIE), with numerous international flight connections. VIE is located 60 km east of Tulln.  Alternatively, Bratislava Airport (BTS) is about 130 km away from Tulln.

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Let’s now assume you arrive at Vienna International Airport

We describe here some transport options to Vienna and to Tulln/Donau

Austria has a very good public transport net. Trains are a convenient and fast means of travelling, there are also numerous bus connections and tram and metro lines in Vienna.

Please note: there is no direct public connection from Vienna International Airport to Tulln/Donau. You first have to go to either Vienna city center or the train station “Tullnerfeld” and catch a train to Tulln/Donau from there. Travel time using public transport from the Airport to Tulln will be aroun 60-90 Minutes, see below for more description and suggestions.

Recommended route planners
Austrian Federal Railway – route planner: SCOTTY
The website of the Austrian Federal Railway Company (OBB, Österreichische Bundesbahnen) offers excellent online information for public transport in Austria. Their online route planner is called SCOTTY. It helps you navigate through most public transport connections in Austria including Vienna. It is also available for mobile platforms, including Android, Windows, iPhone and Blackberry.
In addition, there is an OBB information and ticket counter (in red color) in the Airport arrival hall, right next to the CAT (City Airport Train) information and ticket counter (in green colour). Tickets for trains and CAT are available at these counters in the arrival hall or at vending machines at the airport (in the arrival hall and on your way to the train station there are numerous such vending machines, red for the OeBB and green for the CAT).

VOR (Verkehrsverbund Ost Region) | AnachB Trip Planner
VOR / AnachB is a countrywide planning tool which offers current traffic information, realistic travel time comparison and pricing information. The trip planner provides multimodal transport information which is characterized by the combination of public transport with travel on foot, by bike or by car. VOR | AnachB is also available for mobile platforms: Android, iOS & Windows Phone.

We recommend one of the following routes to Tulln/Donau:

Route 1
travel time: 59 minutes, (please note: available from 06:33 till 20:33 daily); price for a one way ticket valid for the whole trip and available at the red OBB vending machines  is € 9.90

  • From the Airport, take a railjet (RJ) train riding through the city via Vienna Main Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) to the train station  Tullnerfeld;
  • Railjet trains to Tullnerfeld run every hour from 06:33 till 20:33. If your flight arrives eariler or later, see route 2 or choose another alternative, such as taxi.
  • At Tullnerfeld, catch a train (line S40) or a bus to  Tulln/Donau

Route 2
travel time: around 80 – 90 minutes;  price for the one way ticket at red OBB vending machines is € 9.90 [valid for the complete one way trip to Tulln on trains and the Vienna metro lines]

  • From the Airport, take the train (or alternatively airport-bus or taxi) to Vienna city centre (see below for connections Airpirt to Vienna city centre)
  • Ride the Metro (“U-Bahn”) line U4 (green signs) to station  Heiligenstadt
  • From there, catch a train to  Tulln/Donau

Purchasing Tickets

Please note that for trains or metro in Austria you have to purchase your ticket before you enter the train, either online or at vending machines or ticket counters at the train stations. If you have no valid ticket on the train, you may be charged an extra  fine of 70 Euro.

You can buy a ticket that is valid all the way through Tulln/Donau at OBB vending machines at the Airport (red vending machines) and there is an OBB counter in the arrival hall which will help you. A ticket from the Aiport to Tulln/Donau is available for € 9.90 and is valid all the way through, including trains and the Vienna metro (U-Bahn).

Airport to Vienna city centre

Vienna International Airport (VIE) is located around 16 km outside of the city. To travel from the airport to the city centre, look for connections to the station “Wien-Mitte” (also called “Landstraße”). There are several possible options (more details about transport):

  • The OBB offers several rail connections from the airport to Vienna and further destinations. For example line S7 trains run every 30min, from 04:48 to 00:18, needs about 23 minutes to the city center (station: Wien Mitte-Landstrasse). Buy your ticket at the OBB counter in the arrival hall (red) or the red OBB vending machines.
  • CAT (City-Express I City Airport Train). This city express train  reaches the Vienna city center (Wien Mitte-Landstrasse) non-stop in 16 minutes, but is more expensive and requires a special ticket that is valid on the CAT only, available at the CAT ticket and information counter (green) in the arrival hall and at green CAT vending machines (green-dark grey).
  • Airport Bus (e.g. Vienna Airport Lines) 24h service, tickets available on the bus and at vending machines in the arrival hall.
  • Taxi or limousine/car rental, numerous taxi companies are available at the airport.

Getting around in Vienna

Once you’re in the city, you can use the public transport system. Using the metro (“U-Bahn”) will be fastest. For connections to Tulln, look for the green line U4 to Heiligenstadt. Heiligenstadt is the last stop. From there it is easy to catch a train to Tulln.
You can find information for Vienna public transport and the city and subway map here.

Vienna to Tulln/Donau

The Austrian Federal Railway Company (OBB) serves the connection from Vienna to Tulln. They have a useful route planner called SCOTTY. Trains run from about 05:00 in the morning until midnight. You can catch a train to Tulln at any of the stations:

  • Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof
  • Wien Spittelau
  • Wien Heiligenstadt

Train rides may take approximately 25 – 40 minutes, depending on the train type. S40 “Schnellbahn” trains are slow, taking about 40 minutes, with many stops. REX trains are faster, and need only about 25 minutes.


A Taxi ride from the Vienna International Airport to Tulln/Donau will cost about 100 – 140 Euro. Travel time on a taxi will be about 40 – 60 minutes, depending on traffic. Get information about taxis at Vienna airport here.

Taxi companies with fixed-price / pre-booking options are e.g.: